Thai Pumpkin & Kumara Soup

Thai Pumpkin & Kumara Soup, slow cooked for an easy  meal.

This filling and colourful soup is great as a main meal with a crusty bread. And now with the weather cooling down, it’s definitely time to get out the slow cooker.

I don’t know about you but getting home when it’s dark, and you’re tired after a longish day at work, the aroma of dinner already cooking is just magic!

Pumpkin Soup
Slow cooker soup is so good – it brings out the flavour of the winter vegetables best!

Turn your slow cooker to HIGH or LOW, depending on the meal time you are aiming for. (I always cook my slow cooker with a non-stick spray too)

Cook the chopped onion in a pan with the oil until soft. Stir in the red curry paste – 1 tsp for a mild flavour and 2 tsp for a stronger, hotter flavour. Add about 1/2 cup of the stock and stir the mixture over the heat until the curry paste is mixed through. Tip the onion and curry mixture into the slow cooker and add the rest of the stock.

Pop the pumpkin and kumara in the slow cooker, and you are done. Well for 5 or 8 hours anyway!

Purée the soup mix in the slow cooker using a wand, or in batches in a food processor or blender. Add as much of the coconut cream as you like ( I save a little cream for garnish) mixing it well. Taste as you go, and add salt if you feel it needs it.

Serve immediately, sprinkled with your chosen garnish and a swirl of coconut cream if you are feeling fancy, and serve with a crusty bread loaf or warm bread rolls.

Leave leftover soup to cool and the refrigerate. After a couple of days the flavour of this soup develops even deeper and will taste even better!

Happy cooking xx


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