Hi, my name is Sharon.

I am a wife, mother, nana and working woman – a  people leader with a changing life landscape ahead of me.

I started my blog to share my love of cooking initially, and now it has become more than that. It has become a forum to share life and my view on family, business and more.

I am a communicator and ‘sharing’ is a form of communication. My hope is that what I have to share resonates with someone out there in this big wide world and adds value to their own lives.
I have a love of food which I want to share with you. A hobby of mine is taking photographs and you will see some of them here.

I have worked in the corporate world in leadership roles for many years now and have some thoughts to share on that – how to survive the environment and when to know its time to move on!
I have lots of questions still to be answered for myself – what really is the meaning to life? Is it true that the quality of your life is a direct function of the people in your life?

If so then I want to live my life as a full expression of who I really am! And be a great example to my family, this generation and the next.
The journey begins xx


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