Bad Patient? or No Patience?

I classify myself as an ‘active relaxer’ – that is I don’t sit still and do nothing for relaxation. I cook, I bake, I clean..I know that’s not a good one! but that’s just how I am built. Even when I walk on a treadmill my mind is working…dinner, kids, sport…I used to keep a notepad and pen  beside the bed for those mights I woke up with an idea or a thought about something that had to be done.
This week I had to have surgery which has effectively grounded me for a little bit and on this the 4th day…I am going a little nuts 🙂 How on earth am I going to manage 6-weeks of light duties?
Now I can tell from some movements that I make that I do have to be careful – ‘ouch’ and  ‘awww’ have been used quite a bit amongst other more colourful phrases! I tried to pick up my iPad that had fallen on the floor beside the bed and it was a big ‘@#$@&*^’ that screamed in my head.
My brain tells me I have until Monday to get back on my feet and moving as I have work on Tuesday but right now my body is saying ‘slow down – you ain’t going nowhere’. My hubby is up and down the stairs with fresh water, with lunch…and fruit, and cups of tea. I feel like I am swimming in fluids and its not that I am ungrateful…I am just not a good patient. Hang on who who said that?  Was hubby right when he said I was a terrible patient? No, what I really meant was I am not a patient person! See the difference?
My problem is I can see things that need to be done…and hubby is of the opinion they are not that important. Rest, put your feet up…”I will take care of it…later”…clearly he is not afflicted with my need to bustle about? And I really want to get those really important things done…like now?
Being grounded is about to teach me some valuable lessons I sense – one of which is to accept that my way is not always the right way! I like to do things straight away, not dilly dally about. You know like the vacuuming for instance. I heard the downstairs getting cleaned but the sound of the vacuum has died which means the upstairs isn’t getting done 😦 well not right now anyway.
My daughter-in-law gently chided me this week for my disapproval of how she and my hubby hang out the laundry. I do admit to having a certain methodology …doesn’t everyone? I know that the washing cycle has finished but the load is still in the machine – I also know I can’t lift the washing basket or even bend down to pick the jolly thing up!
Okay, so here is my plan.  I am going to let hubby know the cycle is finished but I won’t look or comment at how the way the  washing is hung on the line. The world will not end if my knickers are hung on the outside line, or the shirts from the shoulders…I will step over the vacuum cleaner which is waiting to be used upstairs and be grateful that at least the downstairs is clean. I won’t ask if he has dinner under control – it’s okay he hasn’t thought that far out..right?
I will use this enforced grounding to get on to that book from my Reading Challenge a couple of weeks ago. And right now I really have to find a more comfy chair cos I’m feeling a big ‘ouch’ and this one is self-inflicted..
Chat again soon xx
This seemed so appropriate for me today!

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