2016 Reading Challenge – 1st Book Review.

"This book has plenty of humour, honesty and love that is entangled with recipes that tempt the tastebuds and encourage the reader to head to the kitchen"

Bad Patient? or No Patience?

I classify myself as an 'active relaxer' - that is I don't sit still and do nothing for relaxation. I cook, I bake, I clean..I know that's not a good one! but that's just how I am built. Even when I walk on a treadmill my mind is working...dinner, kids, sport...I used to keep a … Continue reading Bad Patient? or No Patience?

2016 Reading Challenge!

A friend posted this recently on their Facebook page. I saved it because I thought it was a great idea...I love reading but I can't honestly remember the last book I read. I use the excuse I haven't  got the time but really,  I could make the time...couldn't I? I call myself 'an active relaxer' … Continue reading 2016 Reading Challenge!