A Welcome Weekend Away!

My new job gives you a paid day off on your birthday…wahoo! So I choose to have this day off and combine it with the Auckland Anniversay Weekend to have an extra long weekend.

A little bit of research and I found a self-contained cottage to rent in Paihia – 5minutes walk to the beach.

So off hubby and I headed after organising a pet sitter (thanks Linda – you are a star!) – when you have 2 dogs & 3 cats finding someone reliable and who loves your pets like you do is critical to a relaxed weekend away: if you are an animal lover you will understand this 🙂


Paihia is about 3 1/2 hours north of Albany – about 228km. It is a great base to explore the Bay of Islands from or just sit and relax and enjoy the stunning coastline scenery. The Bay of Islands was where the first European settlers arrived, and where they forged the first relationships with local Maori – not always a friendly experience! The famous Treaty of Waitangi became the founding document for New Zealand, and is celebrated every year here in the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. In fact next weekend!

This weekend will be a bit of both for us – tomorrow we will explore the coastline on a Dolphin cruise with other ‘tourists’ and the goal is to do a little relaxating too over the weekend (in fact one of us is having an afternoon nap now …sshhhh…sleeping grown up! )

Me – well I’m enjoying a cold drink, and a cool breeze watching the the world rush by.

Happy weekend xx

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Hi, my name is Sharon, and I live in Albany on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. I started my cooking blog as a hobby during my 'gap year' - 'lessonstodate' to share my family recipes and some personal accounts that come with being a mum, and grandmother - and corporate worker. My love of taking photos had taken a back-seat but recently after spending time on my own while my husband travelled, I found myself picking up my camera again. It really is good company! Looking out at the world and watching it unfold; you don't have to participate in it, just watch and wonder. Sharon

2 thoughts on “A Welcome Weekend Away!

  1. You may already know, the first capital of NZ was in fact Russell before Auckland and then Wellington. If you do get to Russell, be sure to visit the Church, still wearing bullet holes amongst a cemetery. As Maori traditional ways, there’s a water faucet at the front gate to wash your hands as you leave. This is to make sure you don’t carry any bad spirits out of the grounds.


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