Christmas Mincemeat Tarts

Now I know that Christmas is all but over; except I’m on a well-deserved break from work and felt like baking some tarts!

To be honest, I had bought a packet of shop-made tarts before Christmas and thought to myself as I helped myself to one, I really should have made these; let’s face it, they are so jolly easy to put together and home-made always tastes better than baking from the supermarket.


And since the bought tarts were gone,  I headed to the kitchen to make a batch!

I grabbed a packet of sweet short crust pastry from the freezer, and while that defrosted, hunted in the refrigerator for my mincemeat. I usually have jars of all sorts of ‘fixings’ such as home-made raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce and a range of dressings. I knew there was a jar of this good stuff in there somewhere 🙂

Dust your bench lightly with flour and roll out a sheet of pastry so it is a little thinner than it started out like. Use a pastry cutter so the pastry just fits into the pan nicely – top a tablespoon of mincemeat in the pastry and top with a smaller circle of pastry. I cut-out hearts in mine just for fun.

Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

Dust with icing sugar and let cool long enough that you don’t burn your mouth with the hot filling!

Happy baking xx


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