Taylor is turning 7!

Sharon Webber, Sunday 17th January 2016.

My little granddaughter is turning 7 tomorrow, the 18th January 2016 and if you remember every birthday when you are a kid is very very important!!

Taylor is the eldest of my three grandchildren, and is a big sister to Jackson and Noah.

Taylor is a bright little girl who loves to read chapter books, watch her favourite movie, ‘Frozen’ and play with her toys – at the moment she is into ‘My Little Pony’. She goes to a very  modern school in Melbourne where her classroom is fitted out with iPads and laptops, where the children sing the national anthem of Australia at assembly every  Monday morning.  The school tuck shop has a ‘hahal’ menu, and boiled eggs are a banned food in your lunchbox!

She is the product of two wonderful parents – my son and daughter-in-law who are raising her to care about people and animals, to love her family and to use her imagination to think of the impossible. At bedtime her mum & she agree to meet in their dreams and visit  the  butterflies forest. They have many adventures at night when you and I are asleep!   She told me the other day that when her little brother Jackson had a visit to the hospital, she wasn’t worried about him but her heart was a little sore! Too cute.

Because Taylor lives in Melbourne we chat on the phone or we Skype. Isn’t technology great? Sometimes Taylor reads to me, or we play together. She tells me how to set up the dollhouse in my family room in Auckland, and we chat about the little family in the dollhouse. She shows me her latest drawings & how her room is messy! We even have morning tea over Skype!

It is a lovely thing to be a Nana. You get to watch your own child parent his own children, and that in itself is special. But you get to truly relax into each moment with your grandchildren. Thanks to my son, I flew to Melbourne last week to surprise Taylor at her birthday party! It was fantastic 🙂 Just for the day – a little crazy I guess but you have to take every opportunity you get to spend with the kids. They grow up so quickly. And I don’t want to miss a thing 🙂

Happy birthday Taylor!



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