Quick Apple Strudel just for two

Quick Apple Strudel  Is it just me or does the winter season make you think of a warm pudding too? At our house we have really tried hard to eliminate those dreadful carbs during the week day evening meals - no mashed potatoes or roast potatoes for us. Instead of spaghetti noodles I am diligently … Continue reading Quick Apple Strudel just for two

Delicious Moist Apple & Walnut Cake

I have been caught out! The 'chief tester' has just worked out that I 'bake to blog'..... he thought I baked for him! Oh dear 🙂 The truth is that with no teenage boys at home there is little need to keep the Tupperware full of homemade treats. When there is a school lunch box … Continue reading Delicious Moist Apple & Walnut Cake