One Pan Spanish Wild Rice

I cook without meat at least once a week: as I have got older I find red meat especially less agreeable with my tummy. At the same time it is often quicker to put together a nice tasty vegetarian dinner. … Continue reading One Pan Spanish Wild Rice

Feta & Spinach Savoury Muffins

A couple of good muffin recipes can be pretty helpful to have in your tool kit. They are so quick and easy to prepare for when those unexpected guests turn up and the pantry is bare! They are also great for kids lunch boxes – and as my teenage son would attest to, super easy to grab and dash out the door with when you are late getting out of bed for school & will miss the bus if you don’t run! I thought you might enjoy these savoury muffins. They are quite a meal if you use a ‘texas’ … Continue reading Feta & Spinach Savoury Muffins