No-Bake Lemon Quark Cheesecake

‘Quark?’ I hear you say – what on earth is that? Quark means ‘curd’ in German and is thought to have originated in Central Europe–in fact it has been made since the Iron Age! Quark is a fresh, white cheese, very similar to Ricotta. It can be used in baking for both savoury and sweet pies, mousse and cheesecakes. It is also a good low-fat replacement for butter in scrambled eggs. The flavour is mild and milky; not surprising when you learn that it is made from pasteurised milk which has a starter culture added to it then some rennet to form the curd. It is … Continue reading No-Bake Lemon Quark Cheesecake

Ginger & Apricot No-Bake Cookie Slice

This is a no-cook bake which is super delicious and something I normally make in the summer. I don’t really know why I only make it in the summer? Silly really, as it has to be stored in the refrigerator to keep it cool, and stop the thing from going soft in the heat! Winter is a much more sensible season for this slice 🙂 Continue reading Ginger & Apricot No-Bake Cookie Slice