Keto Chorizo Mince with Fried Eggs- and Leafy Greens

It's cold and wet - it's winter! And that alone calls for a hearty, tasty dinner. If you love the flavours of Chorizo sausage, but not the cost of buying the sausage, you will enjoy this very easy mince dish - and for those of us eating a Keto menu it's perfect. Just 7.5 grams … Continue reading Keto Chorizo Mince with Fried Eggs- and Leafy Greens

Cheesy Cauliflower Waffles

Cheesy Cauliflower Waffles Last weekend I ventured into the exciting new world of waffles after purchasing my very first waffle maker. Blueberry Waffles were my first attempt and they were a big success with the chief tester. These airy, delicate and crisp-edged waffles were so fabulous, yet so simple to throw together, that they are destined … Continue reading Cheesy Cauliflower Waffles

Weekend Brunch for Two – Spanish Eggs!

We have been blessed with another long weekend in New Zealand - Waitangi Day falling on Monday creating this welcome three day break from work 🙂 Now for those of you reading from outside of New Zealand, Waitangi Day is a significant day in our history. On the 6th February 1840, representatives of the British … Continue reading Weekend Brunch for Two – Spanish Eggs!

Sunday or should I say ‘Monday’ Brunch on a long weekend!

I lay in bed pondering what the day ahead looked like and decided it should start with a nice cooked brunch!  Auckland Anniversary weekend giving most Aucklanders a sleep-in today and as far as I was concerned this called for a celebratory brunch and not the normal tea & toast! Now a quick shower before … Continue reading Sunday or should I say ‘Monday’ Brunch on a long weekend!

One Pan Breakfast or Brunch!

Bacon,eggs, beans & tomatoes - all in one pan and all in under 10 minutes! Seriously? Yes! I made this for a late breakfast this morning with the following pulled-together ingredients from the fridge: 1 teaspoon of olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1/4 each of a red & green capsicum or pepper 4 rashers of … Continue reading One Pan Breakfast or Brunch!