Pinot Noir Chocolate Cake – yes really!

Does your letterbox get flooded with loads of retail brochures, and real estate flyers? Ours too - and after the long weekend of Queens Birthday there were even more than normal!  As an aside I did wonder how the retailers would feel if they knew that the flyers arrived 'after' the weekend when the sales … Continue reading Pinot Noir Chocolate Cake – yes really!

No-Bake Lemon Quark Cheesecake

'Quark?' I hear you say - what on earth is that? Quark means 'curd' in German and is thought to have originated in Central Europe–in fact it has been made since the Iron Age! Quark is a fresh, white cheese, very similar to Ricotta. It can be used in baking for both savoury and sweet … Continue reading No-Bake Lemon Quark Cheesecake

Delicious Moist Apple & Walnut Cake

I have been caught out! The 'chief tester' has just worked out that I 'bake to blog'..... he thought I baked for him! Oh dear 🙂 The truth is that with no teenage boys at home there is little need to keep the Tupperware full of homemade treats. When there is a school lunch box … Continue reading Delicious Moist Apple & Walnut Cake

Banana Yoghurt Cake – a family favourite!

I spotted a couple of banana's in the fruit bowl that needed some magic to bring them back to life - closer inspection told me that there was nothing left for these brown-skinned beauties but to sacrifice themselves for a tasty cake!  One of my favourite recipes for a banana cake uses yoghurt instead of … Continue reading Banana Yoghurt Cake – a family favourite!