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Feeling housebound? Visit the Ponsonby Central Markets

Feeling a little house-bound? Need to get out and about for a change of environment? A quick trip to Ponsonby Central this afternoon where everything is under cover did the trick for us today – it was cosy warm with gas heaters firing, humming with people shopping   and stopping to eat at any number of interesting and delicious smelling eateries.

Ponsonby Central is situated at No 4 Brown Street in Ponsonby. It has a great range of places to eat including the popular ‘Burger Burger’, and ‘Fish Fish’. ‘El Sizzling Chorizo’ looked really appealing with the flames licking the Argentinian BBQ grill….crêpes, noodles, organic chicken, pizza and much more. We will definitely head back for a meal another time.

The produce market was well stocked with fresh vegetables, meats and fish ( and Buffalo Milk?). I picked up some Wagyu Meat Patties to make burgers with one night this week, and boned chicken legs stuffed with chorizo, ricotta and fresh herbs and wrapped in bacon…..mmmm. I will probably serve these with a confetti couscous and fresh salad? I’ll check out the pantry and see what’s there soon.

In amongst the great eateries are a selection of retail shops including a linen store, shoes, clothing and several pop-up shops which I guess change out. Get your man groomed at the Boar & Blade while you have a tarot reading if that is your thing!

I took some pics to share with you – worth a visit on an afternoon when you are at a loose end, or like us, just wanted to get out of the house on a wet day!

Happy Sunday Driving…next week! xx