No Time Like The Present – so true!

Often times we get bogged down in life with all the pressures of paying bills, stress at our jobs or just life obstacles. We forget to enjoy and embrace the present time and the current stage we’re currently in. During this past holiday season, I’ve heard people say things like “Why am I not happy […] … Continue reading No Time Like The Present – so true!

Exploring the Hahei Coastline

A weekend on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand Labour Weekend 2016 We decided to be tourist’s today and headed up the coast to Hahei – home of Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach and the Hahei Marine Reserve. From Tirau it was a short drive of 20 minutes along a slightly windy road – we did … Continue reading Exploring the Hahei Coastline

Book Review -The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Book Review: The Memory Keepers Daughter – Kim Edwards The ‘chief tester’ and I have snuck away for a few days R & R to a rented beach house on the Coromandel. When you can not remember the last time you took a long weekend away from the office, home and your busy everyday life; … Continue reading Book Review -The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Stop – and Recalibrate Yourself

Stop and Recalibrate Yourself, August 2016 We live in such a fast-paced world where technology allows us to work day and night - my boss told me off gently earlier this week for sending him an email at 8.30pm. To which I replied equally as nicely - "and you answered it at 10.30pm!" In my … Continue reading Stop – and Recalibrate Yourself